My daughter studied acting with Daniel Dupont Acting.  She learned so much about acting for film and commercials, auditioning, improv, resume preparation, head shots and what to expect in the professional film business.  The acting techniques she has acquired have been invaluable to getting her career started.  I highly recommend Daniel for any actor who wants a coach who cares and who will teach you everything you need to know to pursue and succeed in show business.  If you are an actor looking for a great acting coach contact Daniel Dupont Acting.  You will not be sorry! 

Stacey Preston

Daniel made me trust in my natural instincts that I never knew I had. He pointed those things out to me leaving me feeling more confident and ready to take on any audition. I would recommend anyone pursuing acting as a career to attend Daniel Dupont acting class. He has great knowledge of the business and the experience to turn a novice into a professional actor/actress

Adrian Butler

As a parent of a young actor I highly recommend Daniel.  He teaches you everything you need to know about the industry and how it works, the truth and no sugar coating.  His intensive scene study classes are a must  and through his teaching technique he will bring you to a level you may not have known existed within yourself.  I am very grateful that Daniel has come back to Louisiana to teach and share with us invaluable information that one needs to succeed in the film industry.

Pam Brown

Do you go into an audition and feel your not totally prepared, are you nerves? Do you find you don't understand what going on in the scene from the sides you get? Well your not alone, I had many of the same feelings. Studying with Daniel changed all that. Now I am confident and look forward to go to as many auditions I can. He has given me all the tools I need to break down the script. Using his F.A.C.E technique gives me all choices and understanding I need. With his direction durning our in class readings I'm now ready to work with any Director.

If you want to be a great actor Daniel's class is a must, it will open all the doors for you !

Joe Fontana

I have left the class feeling completely ready for auditions to come, because Daniel made me trust my natural instincts, and that is hard to remember sometimes.

Hunter McHugh
"Walking into an acting class for the first time can be quite daunting; especially for somebody with no on camera experience and truly no desire to become an actor. I took this class as a way to become a better speaker and to kind of "break out of my shell". The environment Daniel has fostered truly allowed me to "break out of my shell" and increased my confidence exponentially. It is an environment of learning, self-growth, opportunity and friendship. It has allowed me to stand in front of crowds of over 700 people, delivering speeches committed to memory; not faltering when mistakes happen, but "staying in character" and proceeding with even more conviction. I too, have recently found myself in front of a casting director for the very first time, auditioning for a movie. These two thing may have never happened had I never walked into that class, had I never studied under this great instructor."
Jonathan Cox